Why use us

The Henriksen service can often be FREE

In some circumstances, completely free debt collection
In all business to business transactions, Companies are legally entitled to add charges for late payment of invoices through both UK and European law (**Late Payment of Commercial Debts [Interest] Act 1998 and European Directive 2000/35/EC). The same right to pass on the costs of debt recovery to a private individual applies as long as this has been formally indicated to that individual beforehand, perhaps in your Terms and Conditions, Contract or Agreement issued to your customer.
So the cost of using Henriksen can in many cases be zero.

Henriksen is Authorised and Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is therefore permitted to collect Business, Consumer and Consumer Regulated debts. Our Firm Reference Number with the FCA is 688234.

With over twelve years experience, Henriksen is a double award winning debt collection business specialising in all types of debt collection both in the UK and overseas. Our extensive Client list includes organisations in both the public and private sectors. With the benefit of current legislation, the fees relating to debt collection may legally be passed on to companies and, if client’s terms and conditions permit, to private individual debtors. This means that in many cases the cost of using the Henriksen service to collect vital funds can be zero.

No up-front charges with Henriksen

plus low cost or zero cost of recovery.
We charge a simple, agreed percentage of the money we collect for the Client. If we don’t collect anything, the client pays nothing – absolutely no catches or hidden costs.

Clear service standards

We are clear about the standard of service we aim to deliver. Recognising that we act on behalf of our Clients, we deliver top collections performance, competitive pricing, outstanding client service and assured quality standards.

Clients across all sectors

Our formula has resulted in our debt collection services being consistently supplied to both the public and private sectors, from Local Authorities to companies and businesses of all sizes.

Henriksen recovers debts worldwide

Based in Yorkshire, Henriksen provides quality debt collection services throughout the UK and overseas. We will help improve your cash flow whilst also making every effort to maintain relations with the organisations or individuals who owe you money. In the current economic climate, good cash flow is even more important. The Henriksen service can be a valuable management tool to ensure your cash continues to flow as it should.

Single debts or bulk accepted

We are happy to accept one off single instructions to recover a debt - we will not charge you any upfront fees

FCA authorised and CSA members

Reputable, ethical and compliant services in full adherance with UK legislation

Efficient & effective

Processes designed to protect and enhance client reputation and relationships with existing and former customers

Friendly and approachable

We don't believe in confrontation with customers in debt. We will always listen and act in a professional, friendly manner

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